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    The Local Coffs Business Scene

    Coffs Harbour businesses represent a diverse bunch. In fact, pretty much any kind of business you can think of exists in Coffs Harbour. The main industries are:

    Tourism & Hospitality

    This includes accommodation, restaurants and cafes, tourism and adventure travel, entertainment and sports.

    Retail Shopping

    Shoppers are well catered for with The Park Beach Plaza, Coffs Central and a myriad of boutique shops. Shops include the big supermarkets, hair and beauty, health food stores, electronics, fashion and jewellery.

    Trades & Construction

    Coffs is fortunate to have many skilled tradespeople who form the backbone of our local economy. These include builders, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and many more.

    Medical, Aged Care & Community Nursing

    With the fabulous Base Hospital providing expert care for our community, Coffs is mostly self-sufficient for medical needs. Beyond this, we have caring aged care facilities and professional community nursing operations.


    In addition to a full range of new car brands on offer, Coffs is well supported with skilled auto mechanics and good second-hand car sales businesses.

    Education & Learning

    A huge boon to the Coffs area is the Southern Cross University and TAFE campus. In addition, we have many other government and private learning providers.

    Manufacturing & Agriculture

    Apart from smaller bespoke manufacturers, Coffs is home to some large manufacturing companies.

    There are too many different types of businesses to name, but please feel free to browse our listings featuring some of the best Coffs Harbour businesses.

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