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Yarrila Arts and Museum

Yarrila Arts and Museum

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Yarrila Arts and Museum opened its doors to the public in September 2023. It is located on Gumbaynggirr Country, along the mid-northern coast of NSW.

YAM is located in Yarrila Place. This new cultural hub was designed by Coffs’ Matthew Blair, of BVN Architecture, and built around a 150 year-old Hill’s Weeping Fig tree ( ficus Hillii), which can be found in the Coffs Harbour CBD.

The word Yarrila (pronounced YA-rela) is a Gumbaynggirr term that means “illuminate / brightness / lighten / illustrate”. This encapsulates YAM’s vision to illuminate knowledge, arts and heritage as well as community creativity.

YAM is a testament to decades’ worth of dedication. Its journey dates back to 1980, when the first museum opened and Council acquired its first piece of artwork. The collection has grown to include over 18,000 artefacts, archives and objects.

YAM has five exhibition areas. Yaamanga around here is the permanent exhibition showcasing museum and gallery collections. YAM’s collections are proudly displayed in the other four exhibition areas.

Yaamanga around here explores Coffs Coast’s history and identity through an engaging display of artworks, objects and stories. Daalga Nginundi wajaarrSing Your Country is a work by ZAKPAGE. Award-winning storytellers, they are at the intersection of film, sculpture and design. This work is dedicated to Gumbaynggirr, whose ancestral lands we live on and for which we have worked. They were generous in sharing their cultural knowledge during the production of the film.

Our dynamic exhibition program includes a variety of inspiring local and regional exhibitions, as well as touring exhibitions and exhibitions that are curated in-house. These exhibitions, which include art, natural history and social history, are updated regularly to ensure a rich experience for everyone. YAM’s digital exhibition space was designed to attract digital creations which challenge the boundaries of storytelling and art.

YAM also hosts STILL, the National Still Life Award. This award is a biennial acquisitive, and now in its 4th edition, it is open to artists from all over Australia. STILL encourages contemporary and fresh explorations of themes related to still-life, highlighting the vitality and diversity of Australian contemporary art.

Yarrila Arts and Museum welcomes you to explore art, culture and history in the warm country of Gumbaynggirr.

Coffs Collections also has a rich collection of YAM. This digital collection contains over 18,000 images, including artefacts, archives and artworks. It describes the Coffs Community’s history through its experiences.

Yarrila Arts and Museum
(02) 6648 4700
27 Gordon St, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450, Australia