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Wholechild Early Learning

Wholechild Early Learning

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The educators have designed the Whole Child’s Adaptive Facilities to provide play-based opportunities for learning to develop the “whole child” in accordance with the Curriculum’s five foundations of development and the Early Years Learning Framework.

The centre has a large number of play areas and natural resources that children can explore.

The whole child development.

The brain of a baby begins to develop even before birth. By age three, the number of neurological connections is higher than any other time in life. These connections are what determine a child’s potential.

Half of these connections are lost by the time a child is in adolescence because they were not used. For example, if a child is not exposed to creative activities in the Early Years of development, their creative neurological connections are ‘pruned,’ and as an adolescent they will have less creativity. Simply put, we either use it or we lose it!

The Early Years is the most crucial period for learning and developing in a human’s life.


It is important to ensure that children develop in a holistic way. This will help them to learn and grow. We focus on the development of the entire child during the formative years of a child’s life to ensure that they thrive in every area of their lives.

Our approach is to nurture each child’s unique individuality by focusing on play-based exploration and investigation, tailored to their individual learning style. Five Foundations is an individualised curriculum that caters to the specific needs of each child in five areas of brain development.

Preschool program.

Our Curriculum for Years 3-4 and 4-5 Preschool Programs focuses on fundamental elements of school-readiness by developing skills, abilities, and dispositions that will help children thrive in school.

Whole child understands that school readiness can be very different between children of different ages and for different children. Whole child has developed age-specific preschool programmes based on Whole child’s Five Foundations of Development that aim to give children the fundamental skills they need to achieve each developmental milestone with confidence.

Wholechild Early Learning
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