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Tree of Life Compounding Chemist

Tree of Life Compounding Chemist

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Compounding pharmacies custom make medications according to the prescription of a physician. A wide range is available, including natural hormone replacement creams (lozenges), tablets and capsules. TNT- targeted nutrition therapy is also available for those with pyrroluria.
Make your own cosmetics, from sunburn gels and creams to shampoos.

Even prescriptions for your cat or dog are available. Compounding pharmacies create medications “from the ground up” by mixing individual ingredients in precise strengths and dosage forms that suit patients.
Use liquids or suspensions as a masking agent for unpleasant flavors
Tablets that are easy to swallow for people with difficulty.
Pharmaceutical manufacturers discontinue medicines
People who are lactose or gluten intolerant can take medicines that do not contain these ingredients.
Children and pets can enjoy taking their medicine
Make a different strength for a medication
Pessaries/suppositories for IVF or gynaecological patients
We use vegetable capsules instead of gelatin, and as little filler as possible.
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Tree of Life Compounding Chemist
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