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Toys of Wood is a company that specializes in high-quality wooden toys for children aged 0-6 (babies and toddlers as well as pre-schoolers, young children, and adults) as also homewares products, small furniture. Custom designs are also available.

The products are made by hand from Australian wood, with an emphasis on innovation, simplicity and safe play. They were inspired by the needs of children and nature. Interactive toys are designed to stimulate the mind and senses. The toys are natural, timeless, ergonomically and environmentally friendly, allowing for endless play.

All of our products are manufactured to Australian Standards. Recycling is important to our future, so we design and manufacture using sustainable practices. The natural educational toys and wooden games are made of non-toxic reclaimed wood from Coffs Coast. They are 100% recyclable and finished with beeswax from Coffs Coast, which is child safe. The products for children are BABY SAFE and CHEWABLE.
Toys of Wood products are made from natural wood and focus on your child’s health, according to the Waldorf and Steiner philosophy.

My grandfather’s woodworking workshop was where I first fell in love with wood. In Germany, at the University of Art and Design Halle I received my Master of Product Design degree. My first choice for materials was wood.

In Germany, I worked as a freelance designer in Frankfurt and Jena from 2004-2006. I then decided to travel around Australia. After visiting the mid-north and Coffs Harbour in particular, I fell deeply in love with this area. It was also here that I met my life partner. We travelled together across this vast country, and I was inspired by the incredible wildlife and scenery we saw.
In 2009, I founded Toys of Wood in Sydney as a result of a market niche. As I could not find any wooden toys to give our baby, I decided to join other designers at the “Splinterworkshop”. I have designed and manufactured wooden toys for babies.
As I watch our children grow, they teach me how to play in many different ways and the importance of toys for their imagination at each stage.

Toys of Wood is always expanding as we design and produce new exciting products. We love to brainstorm and create CUSTOM DESIGNS and we value our customers’ feedback regarding suggestions or new ideas. Send me an email or a message to let me know how you would like to personalise the design.

Wooden toys, resources and materials not only encourage imaginative play but also connect us with nature. They can be passed on to the next generations.
What a great way to encourage each child’s uniqueness!


Toys Of Wood
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