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Tide Seeker, a local brand based in Coffs Harbour (Australia), is owned by the Australians. Coffs Harbour is a hub of outdoor adventure.

Tide Seeker was inspired by the pristine beaches, estuaries, rivers, camping areas, remote areas, and walking trails.

Kieran, a talented designer, draws each design and creates it before printing. Kieran has over 10 years of experience in wildlife conservation, specializing in marine environments. Kieran’s passion is to promote awareness through his experiences. His designs reflect his love for marine life and the environment.

Ellie is the wife of Kieran and mother to two gorgeous children who share his love for animals and waterways. Both are avid hockey players, and they met while playing hockey at the Coffs Harbour Association. Ellie’s family has been running a highly successful shoe store chain for more than 50 years. She is passionate about practical, wearable and quality fashion, which has led her to expand Tide Seeker.

Tide Seeker is a clothing line designed by the two to be comfortable, versatile, lightweight, practical and wearable for people of all ages.

Tide Seeker
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