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St Augustine’s Primary School

St Augustine’s Primary School

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Welcome to St Augustine’s primary school’s website.

If you’re a friend or a potential friend, or you’re just browsing around, I hope you find the information you need. The school is a dynamic and innovative place that encourages critical thinking and curiosity.

St Augustine’s was founded in 1913 and is a vibrant and strong Catholic primary school that caters to boys and girls of Years K-6. Our educational philosophy is to provide a solid foundation for people to live life fully, which includes the development of their intellectual, physical and moral life, as well as their spiritual life.

Websites can be a great way to introduce a place, but they are not always able capture its true spirit. I hope you will visit the school and see why St Augustine’s is regarded as a quality Catholic educational institution.

I hope that you will enjoy exploring the pages of this website, and that it helps you to understand the positive and energetic atmosphere that exists at St Augustine’s School in Coffs Harbour.

St Augustine's Primary School
(02) 6652 1204
9 Gordon Street, Coffs Harbour