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SI Clean Energy


Si Clean Energy provides the highest-quality renewable energy products. Our strength lies in our 30 years of industry experience and our technical support service, which gives our customers direct contact with a team of engineers and service technicians. Our inverter service center can service any size or make of inverter that is installed.

Si Clean Energy, a privately-owned company, is managed according to family values.

Solar power has a long tradition of innovation and creative thinking. We have been introducing new concepts, technologies and products for decades. Since 1989, we have believed “innovative engineering and creativity is the bridge to future”, and this continues our passion for technologies that improve efficiency and value to customers.

Si Clean Energy manufactures an array of products including solar charge regulators, off-grid power inverters and energy management monitoring devices. We believe that understanding the inside of the box will ensure we can provide the best possible products and service to our customers.

Our goal is to fully engage with our customers in order to understand their challenges and needs. We are focused on understanding the challenges of our customers and provide them with the support they need to do what they love – install great solar power systems.

Repair and service is provided by our team of experts in a modern facility. We offer multi-level warranty support and non-warranty assistance for inverters, charge controllers and other electronic devices.

Our motto is: Quality Products. Quality Engineering. Quality Support.

SI Clean Energy
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