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Seachange Business Brokers

Seachange Business Brokers

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Seachange Business Brokers has a combined 80 years of experience operating and selling business, from energy-saving lamp manufacturing to convenience store. We are different from other business brokers because we have formal qualifications in marketing, finance and accounting. We are highly qualified and experienced business coaches. Our success in restructuring small businesses has been well-known for the past 20 years.
Selling a company is a complex process. We will do our best doesn’t work. Real Estate Agents Are Not Business Brokers. Real Estate Agents and Business Brokers are two professions that have very little in common. In NSW, at least, Real Estate Agents can’t legally sell businesses. A professional broker will be able to find a buyer for any profitable company. A successful business broker should have the relevant tertiary qualification, be properly licensed and have many years of experience managing or owning a variety of businesses. Seachange meets all these criteria, and more.

Our ability to obtain finance and prepare financial statements that are meaningful to sellers allows us to sell your business at the highest possible price. We maintain constant contact with all types of buyers. We quickly identify the best candidates to purchase your business using our unique screening processes. We have also established direct contacts with wealthy Asians who are interested in purchasing Australian businesses. This is especially true for the tourism, manufacturing, and mining industries.

We are willing to go above and beyond to find a business that matches your experience and skills. Many buyers are uncertain, and some are so unsure that they don’t know if they could manage any small business. Ask our professional advice if you are unsure.

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