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Seabreeze Auto Body

Seabreeze Auto Body

Automotive, Vehicle Body Work

Seabreeze Auto Body is a leading provider of premium bodywork for vehicles from all manufacturers and models. We are located in Coffs Harbour and we’re a cornerstone for the local vehicle repairs market. Our customers are always treated with integrity and we go above and beyond in order to ensure they’re happy with our work.

Seabreeze Auto Body is locally owned and operated since 2016.

Seabreeze’s team is composed of professionals with extensive experience and qualifications. Our workshop is a place where we take great care of your vehicle.

Accidents of all kinds are bad enough. We do not want to make your situation worse by adding lengthy processes or slow work. We can give you a quote on our services for free and without any obligation if you bring your car to our shop. We can also take pictures for your insurance provider.

Seabreeze Auto Body can help you to repair your car without the hassle. You’re not probably here to drop your car at the shop. We hope that you will be satisfied with our work and delivery speed, no matter what brought your car to us. We’re thrilled when you’re satisfied! We guarantee all of our work.

From the very beginning, we have been proud to be a Coffs Harbour-based business. Our workshop has moved several times around the city, but we have always stuck to our roots. Our auto body shop is a favorite among locals as well as visitors to the area.

Seabreeze Auto Body
(02) 6651 2224
3 GDT Seccombe Close, Coffs Harbour