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Savouries With A Twist

Savouries With A Twist


Hello, I am Robin Croft and have indulged my passion for cooking creatively all my life.

I created my catering company, Savouries With a Twist, after moving to Coffs Harbour in Coffs Harbour over 20 years ago.

I immediately realised the need to include a variety of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan dishes in my menus so that everyone can find something they like.

I know that each catering job is different, and that’s why I like to meet my clients in person to discuss the menu.

We are fortunate to live in a sub-tropical climate, which means that we have an abundance of fresh seasonal fruits & vegetables at our fingertips. I have met many local producers and strongly believe that they & their suppliers should be supported whenever possible.

I need experienced wait staff with a keen eye for detail and who know what they’re serving. This vital role is fulfilled by the small group of employees that make up Savouries With a Twist.

I am proud to serve you and love my work.

Savouries With A Twist
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19 Canale Drive, Boambee