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Other Manufacturers

Coffs Harbour is the home of Rustmasters. Rustmasters was established in the early 90’s and has been a trusted name for more than 30 years. They supply all of Australia, including New Zealand.

Rustmasters is a corrosion-control product that was created to seal, protect, and restore the allotment. Rustmasters penetrates the rust and repels moisture while adhering to any metal surface, rusty or not.

Simple, easy, effective.

Rustmasters is a range of three products: Metal Sealer (also known as Alucoat), Metal Master and Metal Master. All products can be air sprayed, rolled or brushed. Most of the time, little preparation is required before use. Rustmasters’ products combined with simple water pressure blasting can achieve the same results at a fraction the cost of abrasive sandblasting. This will also extend the life of treated equipment.


(02) 6651 9255
Unit 1/5 Cook Drive, Coffs Harbour