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Refined Recovery & Wellness

Refined Recovery & Wellness

Day Spas, Physiotherapy, Yoga

Refined Recovery & Wellness is your destination for advanced therapies to enhance your recovery and well-being.

Refined is the most comprehensive and modern recovery and wellness facility in Coffs Harbour. Our modern facility includes a traditional sauna custom-built, hot and cool magnesium pools, as well as a recovery room for compression and percussion therapies.

In 2023, brothers Martin and Cameron Kelleher founded Refined. Martin Kelleher describes their journey in creating Refined as follows:

Our experience in amateur and professional sports team environments was the catalyst for providing the Coffs Coast Community with a facility to ensure living a high-performance lifestyle is achievable and accessible to all.

All of these activities foster a feeling of belonging by fostering connections. Prioritising both your physical and psychological health is important.

You are at the right place if you want to improve your sports performance, your quality of living, or simply take a break from the hectic world.

Improve your training and lifestyle.

Our modern, technology-rich facility is conveniently located near Coffs Harbour Base Hospital and C.ex International Stadium, as well as many local gyms. It offers a holistic approach for recovery and wellness.

Refined Recovery & Wellness
(02) 5606 2121
12/41 Industrial Dr, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450