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Privada Farm

Privada Farm

Disability Service Provider

Carla Marchant, Farm Boss and Duncan Marchant, Farm Hand decided to retire from their award-winning community health clubs to spend more time on their farm and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. They decided that retirement was not for them, and were inspired by Lawson to offer ‘Farm therapy’ to people with mental health issues, disabilities and social anxiety.

We specialize in building capacity for people with mental health issues, social anxiety or disabilities. We work with people in need and disability support providers, allied health professionals and those who provide disabilities to create fun and therapeutic outcomes through farm experiences, adventures, and produce.

It is great to be outdoors and around animals. We focus on practical skills such as farming, gardening and taking care of animals. We offer a variety of programs to suit different interests, and we can cater to individual clients or groups upon request.

Privada Farm, a 20 acre farm in South Boambee Valley is located only 10 minutes from Sawtell or Coffs Harbour. The property has two Koala habitats that are bushland. The one with the lillies has a lovely dam, a walking path and seating areas for people to enjoy peace and quiet. The farm has a variety of paddocks and enclosures for animals. There are also nurseries, a wet-weather area, and many nursery areas.

Privada Farm
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269 South Boambee Road, Boambee