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Powerlab Cycling Performance

Powerlab Cycling Performance

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Angus Harris – Head Coach

From an early age, I was infatuated with bikes. I would set up ramps on my BMX to jump over and lose a lot skin. I started racing on the roads in my teens. I had no idea what I was doing, but I enjoyed racing and training.

Since then, I have studied sports coaching. Over the past 16 years, I’ve been a bike and personal trainer.

In retrospect, I realize how much time and effort I wasted in my training. Now we have so many more tools and training resources available. When training is done correctly, it can produce amazing results in a short amount of time. I just love seeing people get fast.

Even if it’s just faster than the mates they have at their local Tuesday morning smashfest. It feels great to be fast. The hard work is worth it. I am passionate about helping others achieve great results without having to spend so much time training it becomes a burden or interferes with their family life. To be honest, most people do not need to train that much.

I think training should be as effective as possible in the shortest amount of time. Each session should have a specific purpose and provide a stimulus to your body that will cause a deliberate adaption.

I believe that athletes also need to find a balance between hard sessions, which need to be done by themselves, and social riding in groups. Social riding has its purpose, and I am happy to be creative with the planning of sessions to achieve specific benefits.

Our athletes won the Australian National XCO & XCM Mountain Bike Championships. Our athletes also won the World Cross Triathlon and Tour of Bright as well as the Victorian time trial series, Bike Buller, and Victorian time trail series. We have helped many riders to achieve podium finishes at Amy’s Gran Fondo and other events such as Cape to Cape and Bathurst to Blayney.

Powerlab Cycling Performance
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