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Polished Concrete Concepts

Polished Concrete Concepts

Concrete & Cement, Flooring

Polished concrete is a cost-effective alternative to expensive flooring treatments. It comes in a variety of colors and finishes that look similar to tiles, vinyl, and cork. These floors are low-maintenance and energy-efficient.

The term “polished finish” dates back 20-30 years. It was used originally to describe a process in which a concrete floor, usually grey or colored, was coated with wax and then highly buffed. Beeswax powder is usually used as the wax. The surface is then polished with a soft, rubbing cloth.

While the name is still the same, there are many ways to achieve the final finish. Modern finishes, such as liquid finishes, latex coatings and chemical sealers, grinding to expose the aggregates, using special colours, and special aggregates for a ‘rock’ or’marble’ finish, are economical ways to achieve different effects.

Traditionally, polished concrete floors have been associated with slabs on ground construction. There are many concrete options available today for suspended slabs. Polished concrete floors can be applied in any situation.


Polished Concrete Concepts
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