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Octec Employmnet Services

Octec Employmnet Services

Disability Service Provider, Employment Agencies

OCTEC has been a leader for many years in helping people and communities find early employment and adapting to the changing conditions of employment.

OCTEC’s programs are heavily focused on vocational training and education, disability support, and employment services. OCTEC’s success has been attributed to its ability to tailor training and support according to local needs and individual circumstances. This has meant that OCTEC as an organization had to evolve continuously over our 40-year existence.

OCTEC’s training, support, and employment spheres are becoming more competitive. Large providers, both public and private, are increasingly dominating these spheres. As a community-based medium-sized provider, OCTEC is able to distinguish itself by focusing on key training and support areas, while maintaining a customized network across NSW and, now, in ACT and Victoria.

Octec Employmnet Services
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