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Natraspray Pest Control

Natraspray Pest Control

Pest Control

Heath, the owner of the business, was inspired to start the business when he heard about Natraspray Pest Control in the Gold Coast. Max, the Gold Coast company’s founder, helped him set up Natraspray Pest Control. The business has grown steadily ever since. The growing concern that people have about the harmful effects of traditional pesticides on their health and environment led us to develop a service for natural pest control.

We use TERMITICIDES and PESTICIDES that won’t affect those who are highly sensitive. We are focused on offering a safer option for your family. Our products will only kill pests, termites, and insects.

Heath and Brooke run this family business. Our personalised approach allows us to build strong relationships with our clients. When working with elderly clients, we want them to feel comfortable and confident that they can trust us.

We are committed to giving back as much as possible.

Natraspray Pest Control
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