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More Ice

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More Ice is an Australian owned Ice Distributor and Manufacturer in Northern New South Wales.

More Ice was founded in 1992 when Ken and Del Smith from Byron Bay purchased Bananacoast Ice. More Ice has acquired numerous companies over the years, and now covers most of Northern New South Wales.

More Ice is a member of the Packaged Ice Association of Australasia.

More Ice has been accredited by Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), ensuring that Food Safety Systems requirements for a product of First-Grade are met.

More Ice maintains and supplies freezers to our resellers. More Ice provides ice in the form of pallets or loose bags to a number of resellers. Our service network maintains approved resellers’ freezers.

Our fleet of 10 trucks can deliver our products even during peak periods.


More Ice
1300 661 959
10 Newcastle Drive, Toormina