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Marley Morgan Photography

Marley Morgan Photography

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As an Aboriginal woman who has grown up with a strong cultural identity, I am proud to share my culture and people through my platform.
I have social anxiety, and it can be difficult for me to express myself verbally. I can communicate with a larger audience using photography as an alternative to verbal communication.

My photography has helped me to communicate better and break down communication barriers. During my pregnancy and motherhood I felt isolated. Support materials were provided to help me manage symptoms of postnatal depression and mental illness. In media and resources, I found a serious lack of positive images for Aboriginal culture and people.

It was this that motivated me to advocate for positive images and inclusion and break the stigma associated with mainstream media’s portrayal of Aboriginal people. Instead of waiting for organizations to step up, I started building relationships and networks to create the imagery I wished I had seen. Today, my work builds on this initial motivation. It still heavily incorporates strongwomen in the matriarchal culture.

I use my platform as well to help other Aboriginal business owners. I am a strong believer that black excellence is achieved through the community and not competition.

Marley Morgan Photography
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