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Little Hands Preschool

Little Hands Preschool

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Our philosophy at Little Hands Preschool is based on belonging and inclusivity. All children, regardless of gender, ethnicity, ability or religion, are welcome. In addition, we work with local support services and families to make sure that children with special needs receive the support they need. We celebrate diversity and embrace it as a strength of communities.

Open and honest communication is a priority for us between educators, families, and children. Our open-door policy and daily interactions, as well as our social media group, help to build trusting relationships. Little Hands Family members are always working together to ensure the best possible outcomes for children.

Children are seen as capable, resourceful and creative learners. The National Early Years Learning Framework is used to develop a developmentally-appropriate, fun and engaging program that keeps kids engaged and learning.

We want to make sure that every child is prepared to enter school. To do this, we provide them with a framework of curiosity and critical thought.

Little Hands Preschool
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