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Kristina Cooke Studio

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It was fascinating to work on large-scale outdoor sculptures. I found my groove when I started carving and shaping materials to reveal flowing lines. Only thing is, they’re really heavy. The weight of the materials created many issues, both in terms of production and logistics. The search for a practical medium was then initiated. I was compelled to create, but on a smaller scale.

I was thinking about clay when I began to analyze this problem. Air drying clay was the easiest “clay”, that I could find. It looked like the clay from my childhood and was available in both terracotta (white) and terracotta (terracotta). I decided it would work well for a smaller scale. Brilliant! No need for a clay kiln. Not.

The food was not what I expected. It was strangely sticky, and it just didn’t feel right. There was a lot of disappointment.

It was the only thing I could do. I had to have a real lump of clay. It was a test to confirm my memory. The clay felt so good in my hands. It’s been a while, but I still remember it. This air drying clay was not the best.

I went to Mullaway in search of real clay. It was a magical, non-stop source for ceramics for the rest of my life. Lyn led me to the first bag of versatile all-round clay. She asked me questions to which I did not have answers. I just wanted to get my hands on the clay. I didn’t know anything about glazing, firing or anything else beyond the forms that I held in my hand.

After returning to my verandah I cut my first block and exclaimed loudly ‘yes’.

This is the feeling I remember. I felt at home.

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