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KBS Mackay Earthmoving

KBS Mackay Earthmoving


KBS Mackay Earthmoving Coffs Harbour will help you create access roads for new or existing development sites. We have the necessary earthmoving equipment to clean up, level, or tier sites, and remove large or small trees. We can also remove any remaining stumps or scrub in preparation for your project, such as subdivisions, roadwork, driveways at home or work, or swimming pools.

Trucks, bulldozers, and excavators are part of our extensive equipment range. All of these machines come equipped with all the accessories necessary to prepare drainage, sediment control, and containment. This includes cross-filling drains. We can build drains across hills that slow the water flow and prevent erosion.

This includes the ability to design and build dams for any type of agricultural industry, including aquaponics, blueberry farms or banana farms. We can create drainage bunds as well as earth bunds or mulch bunds. We will remove any debris, including stumps, gravel, dirt, or rocks, once your project is complete. We can also remove topsoil, and store top soil, fill and gravel to be used on site in the future or sold by you.

KBS Mackay Earthmoving
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