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Jetty Research


Jetty Research was established in Coffs Harbour in 2006. It provides simple, reliable and useful market insights. Our clients include the three levels of government, companies of all sizes and academic and training institutions.

Useful Research
We create insights that are easily and effectively usable by a variety of stakeholders so that reports don’t languish on filing cabinets.

Credible Research
Our methodology and questions are aligned closely with the project objectives to ensure results that can trusted.

CATI Research
Jetty Research has a 12-seat modern CATI (i.e. Jetty Research’s base in Coffs Harbour is equipped with a modern 12-seat CATI (i.e. Our location in the region means we have lower overheads and can offer more cost-effective services to our clients.

The centre uses state-of-the-art (and Australian-developed) Plenari software, providing a flexible and sophisticated platform for all types of CATI research.

Our team is highly experienced, emotionally mature and well-trained. They are trained specifically to make sure that everyone who is interested in participating enjoys the experience. We have a low staff turnover because we are regionally based.

Research online and by mail
We have the experience to write clear, unbiased, well-structured questions and manage complex branching logic or skip logic. This ensures your online, mixed method or paper surveys meet their project goals.

Local Government Research and Training
We have a great deal of experience working with local governments and we understand their needs. We train the local government staff on good research practices.

Data analysis and reporting
We have a team of coders and analysts who can help you make sense of any data set. All at surprising affordable prices.

Recruitment for focus groups and workshops
We randomly select participants from all levels of government to participate in focus groups and workshops.

Jetty Research
(02) 6650 9175
L1, 30 Industrial Drive, Coffs Harbour