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The Hibbards’ family has set a goal to provide affordable, quality homes at an exceptional value in order to realize the Australian dream of owning a home. This goal will be carried on for many generations.

Bruce Hibbard, then 14 years old, left school in 1966 to work with his father Malcom, in the construction industry. He was forced to work on the site with his father as a worker without any of the modern conveniences like computers, telephones or even sewage. Bruce was determined to keep up, even though he started at the bottom. He worked before and after work hours and during his breaks. Bruce’s skills improved as he grew older. He became qualified in every aspect of construction, from digging footings to laying foundations and erecting frames. He also learned how to mix cement by hand, paint walls and even dig the foundations. In 1976, he was licensed and moved into a small town near Dubbo.

Bruce’s vision is to create homes for owners and investors in 11 rural regions of New South Wales. Bruce’s three sons, Josh, Jon and Michael were raised in the family business. Michael and Jon are carrying on the legacy in Josh’s memory by taking up major positions at Hibbards. They have a clear vision of the company as the most successful and secure developer of speculative homes in NSW. To achieve this, they have built a solid structure within the company.


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