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Gifkins Dovetail

Gifkins Dovetail

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We aim to offer our customers quality Australian products, friendly service, and professional advice. We welcome questions about our products and box-making in general.

Our Products
The Gifkins Dovetail Jig is an elegantly designed tool that produces precise joints each time. The jig is designed to work with a router mounted under the table. The jig is compatible with all routers and tables. Standard package includes everything you need to create perfect finger joints or dovetails. All you need is a piece of sanded and dressed timber, and one or more clamps.

Our range of box-making accessories includes the Gifkins Jig, available in two sizes, with various templates. We also have the Triton Router, accessories for box-making, and spare parts. We manufacture the box maker’s table, marking tools, variable joint spaces, and clamp holders from high-quality Australian materials.

Gifkins Dovetail
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