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Family Law Pathways Network

Family Law Pathways Network

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The Australian Government is committed in providing services to separated or separating Australian families as quickly as possible. In order to fulfill this commitment, the Australian Government funds 33 Family Law Pathways Networks. These are coordinated networks of professionals working within the family justice system.

Family Law Pathways Networks aim to improve collaboration and coordination among organisations that operate in the broader system of family law through professional development, the provision of resources, and networking opportunities. This will strengthen professional relationships and enhance awareness about different services. It will also facilitate referral mechanisms between services to help separated and separating families receive the assistance they require as they navigate family law.

Each Network in Australia offers membership for FREE. The commitment is up to you. Each network is open to any professional working with Australian families who are navigating separation or the family law system.

Together, we look forward to assisting Australian families.

Family Law Pathways Network
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