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ETC Employment Services

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Looking for the perfect job candidate? ETC offer super easy, no hassle recruitment services that you’ll love. Simply provide us with information detailing the skills needed for your specific industry, and we’ll give you a shortlist of candidates that match your requirements.

What else do ETC recruitment services offer me?

Firstly, you’ll get access to a huge database of skilled candidates. Secondly, we’ll conduct the initial screening, interviewing and reference checking for you. Leaving you to get on with running your business and all at no cost to you. We can even assist with relocation expenses if your perfect candidate needs it. And finally, we’ll provide ongoing support to both you and your new employee to ensure you both remain happy.

A recruitment service that supports you all the way.

To maximise the chances that you’ll be happy with your new recruit, we even offer the opportunity to trial candidates through work experience, work trials and various pre-employment training programs.

In short, may we suggest you take advantage of our many year’s experience in recruitment services? Let us provide detailed advice and guidance to help you ensure you have an appropriately skilled workforce going forward. Also, we can provide valuable advice for individual businesses on how to achieve diverse workplaces, information on wage subsidies and job sharing arrangements.

ETC make recruitment simple and hassle-free, contact us today.

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