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Our story began in Coffs Harbour in 2018, a regional town in New South Wales. Our passion for linen is reflected in our business. Our brand name Linum in Latin means “from flax”-a name that reflects our love of linen.

We started de Linum because we knew that the flax linen industry is crowded by lower quality linen. There is something we could offer linen lovers who are passionate about linen, and that’s our Commitment To Quality.

We never stop working to provide the finest linen. We have built strong relationships with the best linen weavers around the globe, who collectively have 180 years of experience in linen weaving. We select the finest linen from our mill partners and share their unsurpassed craftsmanship and legacy with our customers.

We also care about accessibility . Our pledge is to reduce the middlemen, source responsibly and in smaller quantities. Any savings will be passed on to our customers. We believe that pricing can influence purchase decisions. Being fair with pricing will help us to gain more customers. Without customers, our business would not exist.

We are a small Australian business that hires local people.

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