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Coffs Harbour Nursery

Coffs Harbour Nursery


Coffs Harbour Nursery is a long-standing member of the community. We are a well-established nursery and take pride in meeting the needs of gardeners and plant lovers.

In the last 5+ years we have seen tremendous growth and change. We started as a wholesale nursery and have grown into the retail nursery we are today thanks to our dedication and passion.

Belinda Chris and Tim are the three siblings who run Coffs Harbour Nursery, alongside their father Steve. Together they have a wealth experience and vision for creating a welcoming environment where customers can feel supported and welcomed on their gardening journey.

We believe that our expertise will help create a nurturing environment for plants and people to thrive. We want to give you not only high-quality plants, but also a personalized experience. Our team understands that every garden is different. They are here to answer all your questions and offer expert advice.

We offer a wide range of homewares and decor in addition to our beautiful plants. Every garden or indoor space deserves to be finished off with the perfect touches. Our carefully curated collection is a reflection of our dedication to aesthetics and style. Our range of homewares, decor and pots are sure to inspire you and delight.

Coffs Harbour Nursery goes beyond decorative items and plants. We have a large selection of fire pits and water features, which are perfect for creating an inviting and serene outdoor atmosphere. Our range of fire pits and water features will transform your outdoor area into a relaxing and beautiful oasis.

Our team of horticulturists are on site every day. Our friendly experts will answer all your questions, provide guidance and share their vast plant knowledge, whether you are a seasoned or new gardener. We are committed to helping you succeed in gardening. From tips on plant care and selection to problem-solving and troubleshooting, our experts will help you.

Explore our wide range of plants. From native species to exotics, we have it all. Don’t forget our beautiful collection of pots and decor. All of these items are designed to make your outdoor space come alive and to create your own piece of paradise.

Coffs Harbour Nursery
(02) 5671 0910
16 Wakelands Road, Sapphire Beach