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Coffs Harbour Massage

Coffs Harbour Massage


Professional Massage Therapy Service. We provide a safe and non-medical healthcare service that is holistic, wellness oriented, and non-medical.
We focus on the following methods to reduce pain:
– Massage Therapy
– Strengthen and stretch classes
– Posture correction
– Strapping & Taping
– Rehabilitation
– Education
– Basic Principles of Health

We strive to provide a clean, safe and comfortable learning environment. We also assess our strengths and limitations regularly and continue education and training in order to achieve professional excellence.

I have over 30 years of experience in Massage, Fitness Instruction, and Health Education.
Many people experience ‘Lifestyle injuries’ when their body is out-of-balance. The result can be painful or debilitating. I can help you regain balance in your life, so that you feel happy and free to enjoy life.

Close to Coffs Harbour CBD. Location is central, near the town, with easy access to public transportation, and ample parking on and off-street.

Coffs Harbour Massage
0409 608 000
20 Hardacre St, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450, Australia