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Coffs Harbour Fencing

Coffs Harbour Fencing

Fencing Construction

Coffs Harbour Fencing is a well-established business in the Mid North Coast, and has accumulated 45 years of experience. Dan Williams is the third generation fence maker at Coffs Harbour Fencing. His grandfather started the business in 1950.

Coffs Fencing is a team that prides itself on its quality and efficiency. They will complete every project to the highest standards, and on time and within budget.

They have the experience to engineer and design the best materials and constructions for any job. Each project is designed to order, starting with a consultation in which the type of fence that best suits the job at hand is determined.

Two Foremen, both with over 20 years of experience in supply and construction, are part of their team. This team of experienced professionals will make sure the job gets done correctly and that the site is left as clean as when they arrived.

Coffs Harbour Fencing
(02) 6651 8334
7 Lawson Crescent, Coffs Harbour