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Coffs Harbour Bridge Club

Coffs Harbour Bridge Club

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Coffs Harbour Bridge Club is a club with a unique past. George Vermont founded it in 1978 as a privately owned business with 16 members who played only once a month. In 1993, Mr. Vermont fell ill and was unable to continue. The members bought him out, and the first committee elected.

Isabel Wallace was our first president. At that time the club had more than 100 members and played three games per week. Our members were so enthusiastic that they studied to become directors. Our premises became too small, and the members decided to build their own clubhouse at a special gathering.

The fundraising began in a serious manner. For land, we looked to the Coffs Harbor City Council. The members were given the option of buying or leasing land, and they chose to buy. We played our first match in the new clubhouse, on August 1, 1996, after less than three months of construction.

We have more than two hundred members today and 16 directors. Four times a weekly, bridge is played. Bridge lessons are held regularly. We also have supervised games, and novice sections. Two congresses are held a year and we hosted the Masters Games 1998 and 2000.

Coffs Harbour is a popular holiday destination in Australia because of its natural attractions, beautiful beaches and many resorts. Coffs Harbour Bridge Club welcomes visitors.

Coffs Harbour Bridge Club
(02) 6652 3951
City Hill Dr, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450, Australia