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From January 2000, Dr Mark Elvy devoted his medical practice to Phlebology & No Scalpel Open End Vasectomy.

Dr Elvy is a published author and has lectured on the No-Scalpel Vasectomy and management of venous diseases.

He has adopted the latest advances in this technique, including the fascia interposition technique (lower failure rate), and the use of Entonox for relaxation.

In a few days, patients can resume their normal routine and drive home.

He has also published an early report on Vasectomy.

This PDF will open a new tab. ” No Scalpel Vasectomy Office Based Procedure

Dr Elvy performed more than 8000 open-ended Vasectomies without the use of a scalpel in Sydney, Coffs Harbour, and Armidale. His failure and complication rates are extremely low.

The patient satisfaction rate has been excellent.

Dr Elvy is constantly working to improve his surgical techniques (2014, Dr Elvy went to Marc Goldstein, an expert in Male Reproductive surgery, in New York to learn about the latest vasectomy techniques)

Dr Elvy aims to make the open-ended vasectomy with no scalpel as safe, comfortable, and convenient as possible.

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