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Coffee & Tea Suppliers

Chai Tea ™ has been in business for 33 years and is owned by Australians. We are located deep in the forests, on a land-sharing co-operative and community. This means we’re completely “off grid”. This means that the Rainbow Chai Tea Co. runs exclusively on solar energy, as do the homes of every member of our team.

This is us. The happy group in the picture below. Ah, yes, that was a few year ago. This is the Chai Shed. It’s our office, where we blend and package our nine looseleaf teas by hand.

The Chai Shed operates the same as it does today, solely using solar energy and human power. Both are renewable, ecologically-safe resources. The Chai Tea Co. is an innovator in both our commitment to the environment and bringing Chai and authentic Indian flavours to Australia.

Spiced Dandelion is packaged in a plastic bag and recycled cardboard for the Chai boxes. Shopkeepers couldn’t work with the scents wafting through their shops. They just couldn’t stop taking dandi break. Our commitment is to keep our “consumables”, as well as our environmental ethic, to a minimum.

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