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Big Windmill Family Motel

Big Windmill Family Motel

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In 1968, Mr Franz De Kever a Dutch architect living in Melbourne purchased the six acre property with his wife Rie De Kever. The plan was to build a Motel as well as an authentic Dutch restaurant. Construction on the Windmill Restaurant started in 1972 after ten Motel Units were completed. The most difficult part of building the Windmill Restaurant was to find eight poles that were the same width and size. After a long and fruitless search, Mr De Keever finally found the timber poles he needed in the forest near Kempsey. In 1974, Mr De Keever died when he fell on the Windmill’s frame halfway through construction. At the base of this mill, a small brass plaque bearing his initials “F.D” is placed.

Hans Eecen, his wife and sons stayed at De Windmolen in 1977. Hans Eecen and his family purchased the Motel after a long discussion with Rie de Keever. Hans then set about completing the Windmill. Harry Dercke, a Dutchman who assisted in the assembly of the blades (or ‘wicken’), made them in Holland. The ambassador of the Netherlands officially opened the museum in 1982. Two very determined Dutchmen are honored in this tribute. The Eecen Family traveled to Holland frequently and purchased the Delft plates which are displayed on the walls, as well as numerous Dutch artifacts throughout the cocktail bar and restaurant. Hans built the 40 rooms you can find today at the Motel.

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