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Benning Blueberries

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Two major events in history, World War II, and Partition, (the division of British India between India and Pakistan, which led to the division of Punjab), had an impact on these Punjabi Sons in the 1940s. This eventually led them to settle in Woolgoolga and Coffs Harbour.

Moti Singh, the grandfather of Jusbinder Jas and Tarlochan Benning (Bob), was one of only a few Punjabi who arrived in the area early.

In 1943, Moti worked for Billy Richards. Moti then traveled down to Coffs Harbour via Woolgoolga. Moti and his son lived in Bruxner Park. He would plant beans, and then drive his horse-drawn cart into Coffs Harbor to sell them.

In 1952, Moti Singh and his sons Charlie (Father to Jas & Robert) and Kabul (Father to Jas & Bob), who had moved from the Clarence area to work in the cane industry. Also, they came to Woolgoolga and were employed by Newmans and Unwins. They leased a Greys Road plantation during this period.

The Punjabi community in the 1950s continued to harvest cane in Harwood, MacLean and Woolgoolga until the 1970s. They also began to grow bananas around Coffs Harbour and Woolgoolga.

Tarlochan Benning started working on the family Banana Farm after completing High School. His older brother Jusbinder went to university and earned a degree in Civil Engineering. After Jusbinder completed his degree, he returned to the family farm.

Kabul’s sons Jas & Bob now run the farm.

Jusbinder & Tarlochan began to consider blueberries in 1998. The brothers planted two small plots on Holloways Road and have now expanded their farms to six farms with a land area of 2,800 acres. They produce approximately. Over 200 local residents work for the company and over 200 backpackers are employed during holidays.


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