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Back Beach Accounting

Back Beach Accounting


Back Beach is a term used to describe the beach that’s just up the hill. It’s usually just around the corner from a popular and well-known main beach.

The back beaches are usually quieter and more secluded, as they are tucked away and out of the wind. Locals often think of the “back beach” they live on as a secret treasure. Back beaches near you can be a great place to go on days where the ocean is chaotic and windy. You need to know the right places to look to find your next opportunity.

In many ways, the things that motivate our clients to start their own business also motivated me when I launched Back Beach Account. We want to take our knowledge and add our own spin to it, contribute to the community, provide for our family, and have fun.

We are committed to open communication, and we strive to be a proactive and approachable partner for your business. We are constantly testing and researching new technologies to make you more productive (instead working harder). We aim to offer fixed-fee services whenever possible as we feel this is the most fair and transparent option for everyone.

It’s about more than just the numbers. You need to be able to make quick decisions with confidence, and live a fulfilling life outside your business.


Back Beach Accounting
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