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Arakoon Homes

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Arakoon Homes takes sustainability and environmental concerns seriously. Since the 1970’s, there have been major improvements in building energy efficiency and environmental impact. The building codes and legislation have changed to make the building process more sustainable. Arakoon has embraced sustainable building as a result. They ensure that their materials and methods of construction go beyond the requirements. Arakoon Homes is building for the future.

Arakoon Homes is one of the very few local independent builders who are not Project Builders. Arakoon Homes are true bespoke builders who can build exactly what you need without being restricted by standardised plans and bulk purchasing. You’ll be surprised by their ability to translate your dreams into reality.
House and land packages are the fastest and easiest way to buy a new house. We also offer exciting features and high quality inclusions, such as high-raked ceilings.

Arakoon Homes
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