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Bookkeeping, Financial Services

The admintechniQs loves numbers. The numbers that control our lives. Every day we make decisions based on numbers, such as where we live, the things we buy, and even what day it is.
Would you be interested to learn more if I told you you could control the numbers of your business, not just to plan but also to grow?

We believe that our clients can create a vision of success by using current and up-to-date information! !

admintechniQs… where ‘Q’ stands out for Quality.

Our team is highly-trained and receives ongoing training. We use the latest equipment and software.

admintechniQs, an independent bookkeeping company based in Coffs Harbour with extensive experience in many industries, offers a variety of services to individuals and small businesses.

Pam Butcher, BAS Agent/Managing director of admintechniQs, leads a team that is committed to providing clients with a service that provides accurate and meaningful data which can be used to plan and grow their business and for compliance.

The staff are trained and updated regularly. The admintechniQs offers services such as administration, filing and data entry, reconciling, payroll, modern awards and workers compensation, superannuation and fair work. GST preparation, BAS submission, Payroll reconciliation and End of Year BAS, Accountant liaison and audits.

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U1/175B Orlando Street, Coffs Harbour