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Achieving Balance Kinesiology

Achieving Balance Kinesiology

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Achieving balance: A journey with Erin Straker expert kinesiologist

You have delved deep into my world. Erin Straker is the soul and heart behind Achieving balance. As a leading Kinesiologist, my practice combines energy, motivation and a wealth knowledge. My life is a testimony to learning, wellness, brain integration and realising how powerful goals can really be. You can rest assured that I only recommend methods I have personally adopted and all recommendations come from my personal experience and research.

No matter what circumstances we are in, I believe that everyone can thrive. It’s not just my profession, but also a calling.

My practice is truly shaped by my experience, not my qualifications.

  • Kinesiology Diploma
  • Certificates in Neurolinguistics Programming, EFT Hypnosis Coaching and Timeline Techniques
  • Bachelor of Science in Personal Development and Health, Positive Educational Psychology, and Personal Development and Personal Education
  • Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher
  • Certificate in Gifted Education

Over the past 18 years, my life has been dedicated to teaching, promoting health, and coaching others. My journey into the world of health and well-being has been exciting and dynamic. It’s a thrill like no other to connect the dots, educate others and foster transformative change. My work is enriched by my unique perspective, owing to my personal experience with learning, brain integration, and behaviour challenges. My personal journey has fuelled my passion to help children unlock their potential for learning, develop self-confidence, instill a love of learning and expand their horizons.

It was like coming home. For me, it was love at first balance. It was love at first balance for me.

  • Why I have been a true advocate for health
  • Why I have always loved teaching
  • Why I form such a strong connection with new mothers, their babies and other family members
  • How I can understand the link between physical activity and learning
  • Why I am committed to making the change that I want to see in the World

Kinesiology has catalysed both my professional and personal growth. It has pushed me to my perceived limits. It has been a tool to help me find my balance and reconnect with myself.

Achieving Balance Kinesiology
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